Saturday, February 11, 2017

Christmas Part 2

 After we left Arkansas we headed north through Missouri,
And after many hours and miles, we made it to Iowa.
 The day after we arrived it snowed about 5 inches,  It was lovely spending our morning in the hot tub while watching the snow come down.
 Then we went to Grandma Sue and Grandpa Steve's house where we got to play in the snow.
 Grace built a huge hill that was fun to slide down.
 Matt shoveled a path, and also added to the huge pile,
 Every once in awhile a nap was needed.  Glen had a great place to nap, and a great nap buddy too.  Grissom was usually on his cot sleeping with Glen whenever nap time happened.
 Snowmen were created.  And fun time were had outside,

 Inside, new dolls were cared for,
 and crafts were being made.  Grandma Sue had this craft idea and all of the supplies.  It was so much fun to create their own Christmas wreaths.
 And they looked so good when they were done!
 The Wii was a fun activity for the kids.  They loved bowling.
 And they got surprisingly good at it.
 Press cookies were made.  I made cookies with Grace today and the first thing she asked was if they were going to be like the cookies that she made with Grandma during Christmas.
 Legos were built.
 And more crafts were created.  This was an amazing star that Grandma Sue did as a craft with Grace.  The shocking thing is that it survived the trip and is now hanging up in her room!
 Matt got a Tetris lamp (among many other things for Christmas) and Glen had fun playing with it.
 The Daniels men
 Glen loved the kitties.
 It was a great time with Grandma Sue and Grandpa Steve.  We had so much fun with games, food, church, crafts, and just spending time with each other.

 Thank you so much for having us during this trip.  Merry Christmas!


Steve Daniels said...

Gosh, did we keep you busy? ! ?

Grandpa Steve

Sue Daniels said...

We had such a wonderful time with you guys! Thank you for driving all this way.!