Saturday, August 18, 2018

The End Of Kindergarten

Glen had a fantastic Kindergarten year.  Below is his class with his English teacher.
His English teacher was Ms. Slight and his Spanish teacher was Ms. Diaz.  Here are two pictures of his class with Ms. Slight.  On the one above they were dressed up as book characters.  Glen has a shirt of Spiderman on, that is as much of a story book character that he wanted to do.
During the last week of school, Glen had a Kindergarten celebration.  Kind of like a graduation, but not as formal.
They had a potluck where all of the parents brought in food.  But the pizza that someone ordered was the most popular with Glen.
They had a red carpet for each child to walk down.  The kids lined the carpet so that they could cheer for the other students as they walked down.
Each child got a certificate that told of their character during the year.
Glen was the curious classmate.  I do agree that he is very curious.  In this picture it is Ms. Slight, Glen, and Ms. Diaz.
On the day before the last day of school the kids had June Jam.  This is where all of the classes come out to do a song or a dance for the school and for the parents who come out to see it.
Here are a few pictures of Glen singing his patriotic songs.  He has a flag hat on that he made.
Here is more of him dancing and singing.

I am so proud of how much he has grown physically, academically, and socially this year.

Glen, Welcome to First Grade!!!!

Cute Boy

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A Weekend up North

It is always nice when we can make sure to have some time to spend with some great friends of ours.  These friends live only an hour and a half away but we only usually get to see them once or twice a year so it is a special occasion when we do get together.
 This time we started our trip out by meeting at the strawberry patch and we picked some very nice strawberries, and snow peas, and some other food too.  It  was some very yummy food to snack on during the week.
 Later that day we went out shoping in the downtown area.  They had a section designated for a splash pad for the kids.  It also had a sitting area for the grown ups, and also a game area for the kids who did not want to be in the water.
 This one however, we could not get him out of the water.  He LOVED IT!
 Grace liked it too, but she also loved playing with the games that were off to the side away from the water.
 The other kids were so nice to play with and it was such a great area.  I wish that we had one of these where we live.
 As the tradition goes Grace requested "pancakes" for breakfast which are also known as crepes.  She got to help make them.
 After breakfast we headed out to a petting zoo/farm/park type place. 
 Glen is my cat magnet.  No matter where he goes, if there is a cat he will find it and love on it.
 And love on it....
 And love on it.  (Makes me happy that we are going to start volunteering at the SPCA soon, there will be many cats to love on there)
 We got to see chickens, horses, cats, and many other animals.  It was a beautiful and fun farm to go to.
 Here is the lovely family that we got to spend our time with.  Grace and Glen just fell in love with their little boy!  I can not wait to see this family again.
 We needed a picture with the GIANT chair!
After the farm we headed to the Udvar Hazey Air and Space Museum.  We had been there before and it has been great both times, but this time it was really good because Grace had it in her mind that she wanted to see the Enola Gay (the plane that dropped one of the atomic bombs during WWII)  Here is her picture with that plane.

This was a wonderful way to spend our Memorial day weekend. 

Art Contest

Grace entered an art contest where she had to draw a poster of a watershed.  First we had to learn WHAT a watershed was.  After watching many videos and talking over many articles we figurered that part out.  Then she sketched what she wanted on scrap paper.  Then a final drawing and she decided that she wanted to color it with oil pastels.  I taught her a few techniques that I was learning in art class.  The picture was amazing!

A few weeks later we found out that she won first place in her age group.  She got a bug carrier, magnifying glass, book, notebook, and many other things.  She did a great job.


 It is so much fun to have friends just down the street who are in the same class as you.  Grace and Glen both have friends who are brother and sister and are in their same class. 
They love to get together and search for bugs.  The fun is never ending!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

First Camping of the Year

 Highland has a "Work and Play" weekend where they invite people to come and volunteer their time and energy in order to get the camp ready for the summer.
 So we decided to camp out there on Friday night and work on Saturday.  The kids had a great time as always with the camping.  Glen loved learning about fire and Grace loved exploring the different kinds of wood and the things that she could build with the logs.
 Grace even wanted to help us make breakfast early in the morning.  I am proud of her for wanting to make breakfast even if she did not eat it.  She much rather had a bagel, but she cooked over a fire.
 Glen however, did love the breakfast.  It was a good start to a busy day.
 We hiked till the work groups got ready.
 When they were ready, the kids and I were put on the group to clean up the flower beds.
 So Grace braided old daffodil plants while Glen played with sticks and rocks.
 They both helped fill the wheelbarrows and delivered mulch for the flower beds.
 Here they are on mulch mountain.  Ready to push some more mulch down into the wheelbarrows.
 Grace looking important with her pitch fork.
We left right after lunch.  But between camping and working, the kids had enough and enjoyed a long nap on the way home.

Mother's Day with Glen

Mother's day is always a special time where I feel so important, but this time I felt esepcially loved upon by Glen.
 The kindergarten classes always have a singing program and a tea for the mothers who are able to come.  You can see Glen right in the middle of this picture.
 Then during the tea he gave me a flower that eventually flowered on my birthday in June.
 He gave me a sheet that told me about myself.  My favorite was that my job is to keep him safe.  Why, yes it is my job!
Then on Sunday the kindergarten Sunday School class had a tea so he once again got to share some good food and drink with me.  It was a nice Mother's Day.