Tuesday, August 15, 2017

July 4th

 On July 4th we headed downtown early in the morning to support Grace while she ran in a race.  Glen had his cowbell and his Dinosaur so he was ready to cheer her on.
 Grace was ready!  She was going to run 1.5 miles in this race and she had been practicing.  Looking behind her you can see the start line.
 She left the start line and was moving fast.
 She loved running this race.  I think it had to do with how many people were running with their dogs.
 She ran about half of the race, then the course got a bit confusing.  She got turned around once and Matt helped redirect her.
 She never got fully back on track.  The second time she got turned around we decided to call the race done and let her play in the slip and slide.  She ran about 1 mile of the 1.5
 The slip and slide was fun
 She went on it about 5 times
 And got soaking wet
 As we walked home from the race and the slip and slide Matt and I were telling her that we were so proud of her, even if she didn't finish the race.
 She was astonished that she did not finish.  Soaking wet, she put her socks and shoes back on and said that she wanted to run the rest of it with me.
 So we started, close to where she got turned around and ran the rest of the way in.  That makes me even more proud of her.
 Glen was just happy with the gravel and the mulch.
 What a great ending to a race.
 Then in the evening we went to watch the fireworks in town.  This is the first time that we did this, and the kids loved it.  They talked about the fire in the sky for many weeks later.

Happy July 4th!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Highland Camping

 We had the joy of camping out during the Highland steak bbq yet again this year.  Our camp site was right beside the playground which make the kids very happy.  Glen was much more interested in the mulch than the swings and the slides.  But whatever makes you happy...
 A favorite of all was the creek, as always!
 Grace started to make a few dams in the creek, but mostly had fun exploring.
 Glen just liked looking under rocks and exploring.  In other words, they just liked getting dirty :)
We took the short "hike" up to the pond.  Grace liked looking out over it from the dock.
Glen just sat on the edge as she waited to go back to our campsite.
Back at our campsite in the evening we started to find many fireflies.  In the picture above you can see the firefly on Grace's hand.
Glen also had a firefly on his leg.
With a couple of other kids they decided to begin to catch the fireflies in a jug.  You can see one firefly that is lit up at the bottom on the jug in this picture.  There were many other bugs in that jug though.
Glen just liked having the fireflies on his arms and legs.  None of the bugs that he had ever made it into the jug.
After a very late night of playing with fireflies, what is the best breakfast?  If you are Grace the answer would be SMORES!  of course!  Here she is, just woke up and toasting her marshmallow.
Glen decided to go a bit healthier and have a bagel and cream cheese.  But look at that face, that is the face of a successful camping trip!  What fun!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Glen VS The Water

 This summer I wanted Glen to put his head under water.  Simple right?  WRONG!
He was determined to not go under water.  I tried to go under with him.  I tried to make it a game.  I tried to make it fun and easy so that he could see that it was not that bad.
 Each time I would hear "No Mommy, I don't want to"  "Don't make me"  So I did not make him.  Until one day at the pool I went under really quick while he was in my arms.  He coughed and sputtered when we came back up but he smiled and giggled too.
 So when he asked to do it again, I did.  Then Amy had a great idea to turn it into a game.  He wore the goggles and if he put his head under water, she would make a special number with her hands and he would have to tell her how many her special number was.
He was so proud of himself for going under.  He was so happy to play the game.  He said "I went under, it was so much fun I can not stop doing it!"

So proud of him!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bridging to Brownie

 Last September we were informed that one of Grace's great friends was in girl scouts.  Then she found out that another of her friends was in the same troop.  So after talking with her about it we deicded to have her join that troop and try out being a daisy.
 She loved it!  She loved the service projects.  She enjoyed the crafts.  She really liked that her friends were there.
 And her favorite part of the year was selling cookies at a cookie booth in the FREEZING cold!
 She was a daisy for one year, now she bridges to brownie.
 At the ceremony the current brownies welcomed her.
 And put her sash on.
 I am happy with the group.  I like what she has been learning.  I think that it is good for her.

 We now have a brownie in the house.
 I can not wait to see where the troop takes her, and how far she may go with the scouts.

 Cookies anyone?
(Since Grace was a daisy for one year I did not buy her a sash or a vest or anything.  So I took all of her patches she got this year and made a framed wall hanging.  I think it turned out very well.  It is a nice memory of all of the fun things she was able to do with her troop for the first year.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

National Zoo

 One of the field trips that first grade took (and the only one that I was able to accompany) was to the National Zoo in Washington DC.
 We rode in charter buses up to the zoo then we were let loose to explore the zoo for about 4 hours.  It was a great time.  Grace had made a very good friend this past year who's name is Andrew.  Andrew's mom and I decided to team up so Andrew and Grace had a blast going around the zoo and having a great time in general.
 We got to see so many animals.  Grace's favorite was the monkeys and the cheetahs.
 During our time of looking at animals we also found a merry-go-round in the middle of the park.
 So we let the kids have one turn on the ride.  They loved it!

 Grace was allowed to buy one thing from the gift shop.  She chose a mommy and baby monkey set.  She also decided to strap it on Andrew like a backpack.
 He was a good sport and kept it on for awhile.
 It was a great day.  However the ride home was crazy.  The ride should take 2-3 hours.  It took us 5 hours to get home.  We had some tired, hungry kids by time time we got home.  But it was a happy and very good day.