Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hot Air Balloon

 This summer our Vacation Bible School had the theme of GO!  And they were talking about going to spread the word of God to all.
 But in addition all modes of transportation were talked about too.  Mrs. Diane managed to get a hot air balloon to come to our church for rides.  So we signed up and got to church at 7:00 am to ride in the hot air balloon.  However, it was too windy.
No rides in the balloon but we had a great time seeing it being blown up, and taken down.  We are greatful for such a unique experience.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

First Day Of School

 It is hard to believe that I have a third grader!  Grace began third grade at Smithland.  Her teachers are Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Woods.  She is doing very well and loving grade three so far.
 It is also hard to believe that I have a first grader!  Glen began first grade at Smithland.  His teachers are Mrs. Skelton and Mrs. Romero.  He is loving first grade and doing really well this year.
Welcome to a new school year, I hope it is a great one!

Rockingham County Fair

 The end of summer always brings with it the county fair.  This year we had one night where we bought the kids ride bracelets.  In the past we bought a certain amount of tickets and told the kids they could choose one or two rides for the whole night.
 This year with the bracelets they could go on as many rides as they wanted, and they could go on the rides as many times as they wanted.  This huge slide that you see them coming down, they went on that ride at least 5 times.  I think they enjoyed having a bit more freedom with the rides this year.
 Just like in the past, we entered a few things in the fair to be judged.  Glen baked some chocolate chip cookies.  He got second place!
 Grace entered a painting (seen above) and got second place, two photos and got second and third place, a pot holder and got second, and some cheesecake cookie bars but she did not place with those.
I also entered a drawing that I had made of Grace and Glen sitting on the word love, drawn on the dicitionary page that has the word love on it.  I got second!

The fair is always a nice way to end a great summer and get ready for school to start.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Highland Camp

 Grace went to Highland again for her second year the end of July.  She was in Hemlock cabin.  Her counselors were a set of sisters that Grace enjoyed a whole lot!
 She met a lot of new friends, had a great time.  And I think that I as mom, felt a tiny bit more comfortable with her going and I did not worry every minute she was gone (just every other minute...)
 She was able to go to a full week camp, but we were at the beach that week.  So she went to mini camp which was three days and two nights.
 She can not wait to go to full week camp.  But whether it is a full week or a half week, I think that she is just happy to go to camp.

She said her favorite part was hiking and swiming.

Monday, October 29, 2018


Boy scouts now accpet girls into the packs and troops.  So Grace and Glen both joined this year.  So here is a picture of my scouts in their uniforms.  One Tiger and one Bear.

Camping with the Daniels

When you have one family in Virginia, one in Arkansas, and one in Iowa it is hard to see each other.  We decided to work with that problem and go camping in southern Indiana (which if you look for the middle point of all of those states it is right there.
 So we camped from July 9th to the 13th in O'Bannon Woods state park.  It was a lovely site with a playground and the bathhouse nearby.  We had all of our sites touching so it was like we had one huge site.
The campground also had a wonderful aquatic center with pool, splash pad, huge water slide (which Grace loved).
Water guns which Glen loved to shoot, but did not like being shot at with.  The kids loved it there.  We only got to go twice but it was nice having that option.
The aquatic center was a great place because the weather was so very hot.
It was almost always 90 degrees or hotter and very humid.  However, no rain fell to cool of the situation.  When camping it is good that it does not rain, but we were hoping it would to just break the oppressive heat.  But we had fun in spite of the heat.

Most of the time, while we were camping we just took some time to rest and relax.  Grace found a good place to read, and start to learn about Dog Man which is now one of her favorite series.
Glen loved playing with his Star Wars magnets and played a "game" that he made up with anyone that would play.
Here Grandpa Steve is trying to learn how to play.  However, with Glen's rules he is always the winner...
As I said, resting and relaxing.  This time it is Matt in the nice spot of the hammock.
Grace again.
We spent a day at Boone Caverns.  It was founded by Squire Boone (brother to Daniel Boone).  It was an old time cavern, candy shop, mill, gem mining, candle making, and other things.  Here we are looking for gems and pretty stones.
Grace found a beautiful green stone.
Glen had a few good finds also.  In fact we got many beautiful stones out of the deal.
This is the water wheel that runs the mill.  The water comes out of the caverns.  It was a beautiful site even though it was a lot of walking and very hot.  Did I mention it was hot that week?
I think the kids were wanting to jump the fence and play in the run off stream that was down the hill from them.
Not to be outdone, Glen also got in some resting and relaxing with a book.  It was one of his Star Wars books.
On another day we decided to try out one of the hiking trails that was on the camp grounds.  It was a 2 mile hike.  Here are the girls being our fearless leaders as we start on the hike.
A little farther back we find the rest of the crew.  It was Chris, Katie, Ellie, Matt, Glen, Grace and I. 
We all finished the hike and I think had a good time.
A snack of smores.  What could be better with camping?  Other than Glen's other favorite thing to do, which was find all of the spiders around the campsite and pick them up to transport them to a safe location where predators would not get them.  We found that kind of cute, Ellie however did not like that very much.  She did not like the bugs that were found while camping.
Playing catch with Grandpa Steve.
Cooking with Grandma Sue.  Grace tried to help with the cooking every chance she got.  Grandma Sue was really good at giving her tasks that she could help out with.
It was a great week, but once in the car we realized how exhausting it was.  So glad that we were able to spend time with family and make those memories.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

July 4th

 Happy July 4th everyone!  We had a nice relaxing day.  Set off some fireworks in Mamaw and Papaws driveway with Mike, Amy, Austin, and Adam.
 While setting of the fireworks the kids stayed safe in the bed of Papaw's truck.
It was a pretty amazing show.  Later, we were lucky enough to see another great show of fireworks with friends put on by the city.