Monday, June 26, 2017

End of the year concert

 Above Grace is pretending to row her Papaw's boat that is for sale at a yard sale we were having.
At the end of the year the first grade students had a concert.  Grace is above in the blue dress with sparkles on it.  They sang a Kookaburra song where they created bird masks to wear while they were singing.  They also sang a song about the different instruments in an orchestra, and also a Russian tune.  It was a great concert and even two months later Grace is still singing the songs around the house!

Grace and Running

Back in November I signed up Grace for a kid's run called the Gobble Gobble Kids Dash.  This run was only .33 miles.  She loved it.
 During the summer a local brewery teams up with a running group and hosts an event called Run, Sweat, and Beers.  You can run 1, 3 or 5 miles.  Grace wanted to try it.  So we signed up for the one mile run.  We started at the brewery and ran a half of a mile into downtown and a half of a mile back.  Above you can see an official picture they took of her and posted on facebook.
But she was not done.  She wanted to run back out and find Carol who was doing 3 miles.  So we once again ran about a half of a mile out found her and brought her in.  Picture is above.

But she was not done.  She wanted to run back out and find Amy who was also doing 3 miles.  So we once again ran about a half of a mile out found her and brought her in.

Then she wanted to play tag....

So two days later I took her to a local elementary school and let her run on the track and run as much as she wanted.  She ended up running 2.25 miles!

Today I signed her up for a July 4th run through downtown.  It is 1.5 miles but she is pretty excited about it.  I am just happy that she likes running.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pinewood Derby

Girl Scouts has been teaching us a lot.  Not only did we learn about selling cookies, but this past year we also learned about pinewood derby races.  Now, Matt knew about them, but he knew about them from the scout side of things not the parent who is looking on and teaching.
 After looking at some patterns, Grace picked out her design then got to work with the saw and sandpaper.
 She did a great job and did almost all of the work herself.
 In the race she did not win over all, but in her three heats she won two of them.  Great job!
 I am so proud of my derby racer!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Get out and Play

 On a warm day a few weeks ago, the kids and I decided to go to a local park.
 They had a blast!  I can imagine that we will be going there a lot during the summer.
 Grace ran off and made many new best friends.  I hung out with Glen while he figured out steps, things to hop on, and climbing in general.
 He was very proud of himself and made sure to do things over and over and over.
 It was a good day.
 I am so glad that we have such a nice park, so close to our house.
 We welcome the warm weather,
 And I welcome many more wonderful days at the park like this.
Happy Summer!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Easter 2017

 As usual I took some Palm Sunday pictures in case the Easter pictures were a flop.  But they both turned out great.  Here is my two little darlings on Palm Sunday.
 That Saturday we went to the local recreation center and went to the city's Easter egg hunt.  They had some big painted Easter eggs out in the lawn that just screamed "take a picture in front of me!"  So we did.
 But personally I like this picture better that is just them on the stairs (leading up to the big painted egg).  I love the stone steps, I love the flowers, I love the subjects in the picture.  I love it all!
 Easter morning, both Glen and Luigi got dressed in their best and was ready for church.
Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The One And Only Snow Day

This year we had one snow day on March 14th.  On that day off we did not even get all that much snow.  But it was enough for us to have a fun day off, WITH SLEDS!
 We went to a nearby elementary school that has a very nice hill and grabbed some sleds from Mike and Amy (Mike and Amy also came with us for sledding).
 And went down over and over and over.
 Glen had never been sledding like this before (alone and on a big hill).
 He loved it.  He especially loved that people would pull him back up the hill.  I only wish that I could add all of the squeels of joy and laughter that I heard from this hill from that day.  Grace had a wonderful time, but I think that this being Glen's first time he enjoyed it the most.
Then back to Mamaw and Papaw's to build a snowman.  Snow days are great, but now that we had one I am ready for the warm summer weather :)

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Every year our church reserves the local skating rink for a church event.  Usually only Matt and Grace go because Glen has been to little.  This year the whole family was involved.
 Glen used the nice walker that helps teach how to skate and he did really well with it.  But he got too excited and only wanted to use hands.
I was kind enough to keep the walker close by but also help Glen with skating.
 Then it was a whole family event.  This was taken moments before Glen fell and pulled me down.  I hurt for weeks afterward.
 Grace however, was a pro at this skating thing already.
 While Glen and Matt slowly made their way around the rink,
 Grace zoomed by.  (Check out those nice roller skates!  Yes, they are her own personal roller skates)
 Glen and Grace had a wonderful time (so did Matt and I, but it was a bit of a stressful time for us)
 Grace can't wait to get back to Funky's,
But in the end, I think that we all had a fun time but we were done.
So glad that our church does such fun things.